AGS (Suzhou) Co., LTD is founded in 2016 in Suzhou, with branch office in Singapore, providing Smart Factory Turn-key Solution for the industry. AGS is founded by a group of experienced engineers who have dedicated their heart and soul in this casting world. AGS is responsible for introducing state-of-the-art technology, equipment, concepts into the casting industry, formulating industry standardization & environmental protection, etc., We aim to create competitive core values so to contribute to the development of the casting industry.

Informatization Planning

Industrial IoT

Intelligent Casting

80% of AGS team members have the background of foundry and die-casting industry. There’re foundry and die-casting experts; there’re project managers with PMP international certification; there’re experienced engineers who have dedicated their heart and soul in this casting world; there’re IT experts in China and abroad; there’re experienced partners with IoT and MES development teams, etc. From the industry, so professional.

We have a team of employees who are always energetic and constantly striving for excellence. If you are eager to grow with us, welcome to AGS and we will provide you with an ideal platform for career development.

Position Number Application

Job responsibility

1、Formulate casting process and compile operation instructions;

2、Provide technical service onsite, coordinate and solve unexpected technical problems;

3、Improve technical process, Implement standardized operation;

4、Design tooling and fixture;

5、Responsible for technical training of production-related operators;

6、Cooperate with relevant departments to control product quality.


1、Bachelor’s degree or above in mechanical or metal materials; Fluent in English;

2、More than three years relevant work experience

3、Proficiency in casting process; Understanding of casting equipment; Familiar with the design process of casting mold; Skilled in using design software such as CAD; Understanding ISO quality management system

4、Responsible, rigorous and meticulous, with good team spirit and communication skills.

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