Smart Aid System,SAS

Today's enterprises have higher and higher awareness of digitalization, the application of factory call systems is more and more widely used, and more production-oriented enterprises have realized the importance of improving work efficiency. Smart Aid System is the bridge between the workshop layer and the management. Managers pay attention to production planning and production 

efficiency. SAS can relieve the pressure of shop floor staffs, all problems can be found and dealt with in time, dynamic visualization of on-site management, improve on-site management efficiency, and improve production efficiency.


AGS Smart Aid System, problem-solving oriented around 5M1E

Front-line employee

  • Before the material shortage occurs at the workshop station, it can be called in time and replenished in time to avoid production delay caused by waiting for materials;

  • When the tooling is abnormal, you can call the corresponding responsible person in time to solve it in time;

  • If the process parameters are abnormal and the production is stopped, it can be reported in time, and the relevant responsible person can be called to solve it in time;

  • If the equipment is abnormal, call the corresponding responsible person in time to solve it in time;

  • Personnel emergencies, emergency calls, and timely processing.

Workshop management

  • The bottleneck of the production line is dealt with in a timely manner to solve the serious problem of the accumulation of in-process products;

  • The production stoppage caused by abnormal tooling and process parameters can be solved in time, and the line can be resumed in time;

  • Handle equipment exceptions in a timely manner and improve OEE;

  • Determine the type and location of exceptions in time, and deal with them in a timely manner;

  • Handle WIP quality in a timely manner to avoid waste;

  • Can detect production abnormalities in time, record statistical abnormal data, and quickly response;

  • Improve production efficiency, scientific performance evaluation;


  • The production progress is accurately mastered, and the production site monitoring is clear at a glance;

  • Inter-departmental coordination, order delivery schedule is controllable;

Highlights of AGS Smart Aid System

  • Secure Workshop Data, local deployment and storage, the intranet can perfectly trigger calls;

  • Detailed Call Classification, call content can be defined as needed;

  • Simple Operation, easily scan QR code, take photos for uploading;

  • Convenient Checking Calls, both on PAD terminal and mobile terminal;

  • Real-time Checking Calls, workshop layer, management layer, real-time checking calls;

  • Efficient Call Response, real-time viewing, targeted real-time processing;

  • Clear Call Responsibility, corresponding responsible persons are defined for detailed issues, and each person performs his/her duties.

  • Record call issues, provide a basis for decision-making.

Call Content Setting

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Structure of AGS SAS

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SAS Kanban

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Digitization is the general trend, and the driving ability and enterprise agility brought by data are also an important measurement of the competitiveness of enterprises in the future. Use Smart Aid System to improve the efficiency of on-site management and take the first step for an agile digital foundry enterprise!