Mold Management System, MMS

  • to help the die shop production personnel keep track of the tooling and status in an organized manner

  • Real-time master the enterprise on-site status, detailed and clear information, reduce delay, and rapid respond to customer inquiries

  • For each die & components production, detail information will be centrally located:  SOP, planning & scheduling, raw materials, dynamic information, first trial performance, et

  • Accurately track cumulative  production cycles, remaining die life, etc

  • With good preventive maintenance, repair, services, the die will always in a “ready to use” state to prevent unexpected downtime and excessive scrap


Work Cycle Time

  • Through the use of mold QR, manage and track status 

  • Kanban management (working hours, abnormal information, etc.) 

  • Anomaly management and query 

  • Interrupted management and query 

  • Automatic shift reporting and report generation 

  • Standard work cycle time for each level & each OP 

  • Standard operation instruction management



Mold scanning, station preparation status, interrupted handling, anomaly handling and other operations



Interrupted Query

Mold servicing interrupted data query, including interrupt reason, duration, etc.


Actual Manhours Reports

Automatic shift report: time, date, operator, mold information, working hours, abnormal working hours and other data


Consolidated Report

The comprehensive monthly report search according to the station, mold and time



Die Kanban 

Die Kanban display the current preparation time, abnormal conditions, plan vs actual work cycle time and other information.