Quality Management System,QMS

Quality Management Situation

  • Lots of manpower and material resources required to manually summarize data and input into excel every day

  • Manual records are prone to error / loss

  • In case of standard change, it take a long time to notify the production line, which may be missed

  • In case of quality abnormity, it can't be found in time, and it can't give countermeasures and improve in time

  • Unable to automatically analyze data, generate various reports and SPC data


Quality Management Situation



Different inspection parameters are collected for different products in different stations

Inspection standards and defect descriptions are formulated to facilitate statistics and analysis



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Piece Query

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Batch Query

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SPC Analysis, CPK Calculation


AGS QMS supports incoming inspection, process inspection, inspection delivery management, measurement management and statistical analysis. It is an intelligent process quality analysis and management system based on data collection and IoT.