What is TPM?

TPM focuses on getting the entire workforce involved in maintaining equipment and emphasizes proactive and preventive maintenance that eventually lead to fewer breakdowns, a safer workplace and better overall performance.

  • Equipment Ledger, Inspection, Maintenance, Repair and Other Digital Management

  • Emergency Repair, Planned Maintenance, Equipment Inventory, Spare Parts Management

  • Common Error Management, Automatic Reporting System

  • Error and Predictive Alarm System, Section Auto Debugging and Repair

  • OEE Automatic Generation

◆ Why TPM?

  • Reduce downtime and defects

  • Improve efficiency and productivity, enhance competitiveness

By thoroughly carrying out TPM (AM, PM) with full participation of all employees, enterprise can cultivate ability, improve employees level, improve equipment overall efficiency, and improve enterprise overall competitiveness, sustainable development goal of enterprise will be achieved.

 The essence of TPM - 3 management ideas

  • Prevention is Key: eliminate major faults, reduce defects and extend service life

  • "Zero" goal: zero downtime, zero defects, zero failures

  • Full participation: improve staff enthusiasm, staff level, cohesion and competitiveness of the company

 TPM - Management Frame


◆ TPM - Application